GV-017 Audio Amplifier

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This product can increase the strength (amplitude) of audio signals that pass through it. Amplifies low-power audio signals to a level which is strong enough for driving or powering loudspeakers or headphones.


  • Stereo Audio Amplifier with bass and treble knob
  • 100W*2 and 50W*2 for choice


    Operation Steps:

    1. Make sure the VOL button to the minimum.
    2. Connect the left and right speakers according to the interface instruction of the rear surface, and pay attention to distinguish positive and negative.
    3. Connect the sound source that needs to be used(Use Bluetooth transmission to refer to the next step)
    4. Switch to Bluetooth for Bluetooth input when using Bluetooth input, the blue light of Bluetooth indicator flickers, and the blue light remains on after the phone is connected successfully
    5. Connect to power.
    6. Press the power switch.
    7. Turn the VOL button clockwise to select the desired volume.
    8. The version with volume adjustment can choose reasonable EQ through rotating the potentiometer
    9. After connecting the earphone output, the speaker will automatically disconnect




    1 R/L audio

    1 Bluetooth


    1 L/R stereo audio


    Audio amplifier

     Bluetooth audio receiver

    Output power:100W*2 / 50W*2

    Frequency range 20Hz-20KHz(±3dB) SNR: ≥ 98 dB

    Power supply

    DC 24V/4.0A

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