Save your money when you use MAG IPTV / OTT Solutions | وفر أموالك عند استخدام MAG IPTV / OTT Solutions

Choosing smart IPTV/OTT STB for your home or your business, There are many IPTV devices in our market all with different specifications and many names always make the customer perplexed. 

Questions you should ask before buying 

1- What technical specifications do I need and what specifications are appropriate for me?

2- What is the best and stable IPTV operating system , Is it the Android or Linux  ?

3-  Are there updates that can be made by the manufacturer on the operating system automatically on the device ؟ 

4- Is there a long-term guarantee that the device will be replaced in case of disconnection ? 

5- Are there maintenance centers accredited? 

For this and in most cases MAG IPTV devices , is better and we advice you to use it. 

6- Is there iptv free service you can use with MAG ?


there are many models select between them 

MAG 254 | MAG 254 W1 | MAG 256 | MAG 256 W1 | MAG 322 | MAG 322 W1 | MAG 324 | MAG 256 W2 | MAG 324 W1

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